Itivuttaka: The Buddha’s Sayings translated by John D Ireland, EPUB, Kindle, PDF

Cover of Itivuttaka by John D Ireland

There is now a free edition of John D. Ireland’s 1997 translation of the Itivuttaka. The translation is fluent and modern. This particular digital edition has the narrator lines reconstructed giving this collection its unique flavour.

The Itivuttaka is one of the ancient collections found in the Khuddaka Nikaya. It contains 112 short suttas organized numerically like the Anguttara Nikaya. They each contain a short teaching followed by a retelling in verse. This is a great collection to use as a super short daily reading practice.

This is the same translation that has been made into an audio book. Get the free Itivuttaka audio book here.

If you would like to buy the official printed edition, it is available from the Buddhist Publication Society here and now a new printing through Pariyatti.

Also, there is a complete translation of the Itivuttaka by Ajahn Thanissaro available to download or order from Metta Forest Monastery as well as a translation by Mahamevnawa available on

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