Dhammapada Reading Challenge

Join the Dhammapada reading challenge of One Chapter Per Day!

Sign up for a free reader account at ReaderZone.com. This will help you keep track of the reading you have done, either on their website or with a free iOS or Android app.

After you register it will prompt you to join a program with a reading code. Use: dhammapada-chapter-per-day
Click “Find” and then “Join” and then “Continue” and pick a reading level (that doesn’t matter but you have to choose)

Then it will prompt you to enter the isbn or a title of a book you are going to read. It doesn’t matter what you enter because the reading goal isn’t connected to a specific book. But you must have at least one book. You can enter “Bbuddharakkhita” and his translation of the Dhammapada comes to the top.
Click “add book” and “continue” and “Finish”

Here is a whole article with tips on reading the Dhammapada One Chapter Per Day. And here is an article about a technique to keep your daily reading daily.

There are also several free versions of the Dhammapada you can download and print or read as an epub or Kindle e-book. You can even listen to a chapter each day:

Tell us how you are doing in the comments…

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